Our Technology

Aero Innovations

From our diamond-flex soles for shock absorption, to the continuous updates made in the foam of the footbed to enhance the cushiony comfort that Aerosoles is known for, we are constantly testing the newest materials to create a lightweight shoe that bends with the foot as it flexes to create lasting comfort.

We have also developed unique technologies that will only be found in Aerosoles. Let us show you what sets us apart.

Core Comfort - every Aerosoles shoes imbodies

Diamond Flex Soles

Our rubber composition soles with a unique diamond pattern are designed to actually disperse friction away from the foot making if feel like you're walking on clouds.

Cushioned Insoles

Comfort foam footbed and sumptuous padded insole soothe and pamper your feet.

Sueded Sock & Lining

Breathable and super soft our footbeds provide a soft layer for your foot to rest on.

Diamond Flex Soles

Our comfort starts from the bottom up, and you will always know an Aerosoles shoe by our unique Diamond flex sole, found on every pair. These diamonds are designed to dispense pressure with every step. They soak up impact from the harsh guard.

Heel Rest Design

Patent Pending

With our innovative Aerosoles HEELREST technology, the pressure is off! This custom design distributes your body weight toward your heel, and away from the ball of your foot. The result, superior comfort in both high heels and wedges so you look and feel great.

Stitch N Turn

Aerosoles unique Stitch ‘N Turn technology was developed to give our shoes softness, flexibility, and comfort. The smoothe design is started inside out, stitching the upper to the flexible diamond patterned rubber sole. Then, we turn the shoe right side out and insert our memory foam footbed for the utmost comfort.

Extended Calf

Aerosoles Extended Calf Technology gives boot lovers twice the comfort with not one - but two zippers. Close the second zipper and your knee-high boots fit like a glove. Keep it open and suddenly you’ve got an additional two inches of give to accommodate athletic calves, thicker socks, or tucked in jeans.


The AerGo collection is a hybrid of fashion and technology, Engineered with EVA soles for incredibly lightweight feel, innovative scored soles to offer enhanced flexiblility, and extra-cushioned footbed for an ultra-comfy experience. It’s never been easier to look chic with ultimate comfort from Aerosoles!